Mission Statement

To acquire and own fire apparatus of any kind or nature for use by the organization in the protection of persons and property from injury, loss, damage or destruction by fire or other emergency.

To supply suitable quarters for the use of the members of the organization in connection with the housing of fire apparatus and for the provision of a meeting hall for the administration of the company and the social and recreational use of the membership.

 To provide fire protection to the territory in which the operation of the organization are principally conducted, which includes the Village and Town of Whitehall and all other areas under legal written contract.

 To foster interest in all matters pertaining to the volunteer fire service and the welfare of volunteer firefighters.

 To inculcate love of country, good citizenship, civic virtue, self-sacrifice and perpetuate the spirit from which the earliest days have actuated volunteer firefighters in the rendition of service of the highest type in the protection of life and property from fire without hope of fee or reward.

  Article 1, Section 2 of the Constitution and Bylaws – Whitehall Volunteer Fire Company Inc.

About Us

Organized in October of 1957, the Whitehall Volunteer Fire Company serves both the village and town of Whitehall, New York. Situated on the southern tip of Lake Champlain, the “Volunteers” maintain, in addition to fire suppression, a Technical Rescue Team which includes Low Angle Rescue,  Ice Surface/Cold Water/Swift Water Rescue Team that serves on Lake Champlain, East Bay, South Bay, the Champlain Barge Canal, and the northeast side of Lake George. Whitehall borders the Adirondack Park and maintains a Search and Rescue Team trained by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Rangers. The company is housed in two adjoining buildings. The oldest one is the original Whitehall Fire Department building erected in 1913. The firefighters lounge houses the original brass fire pole and Gamewell alarm system Whitehall Volunteer Fire Company Incorporated proudly protects 6200 people living in an area of 58 square miles. We protect a primarily rural area. Our department is a public department whose members are on a volunteer status. Although organized as a village fire company, the Whitehall Volunteer Fire Company serves both the Town and Village of Whitehall. Our fire company borders five other departments with whom we have mutual aid agreements, along with the remaining twenty-six fire departments in Washington County and six fire departments in nearby Vermont State (three miles away). From 1981-2000, we conducted a Fire Explorer Post program for high school students, through the Boy Scouts of America. Many of our members and current officers were exposed to firefighting through this program. We currently have a Junior Firefighter program for High School Students ages 16-17. Please check out our  long term plans on the Public Education page under Fire Company Goals.

Contact Us

PO Box 188
161 Main Street
Whitehall, NY 12887
(518) 499-0720


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