11 Dec 2020 Lease Agreement For A Furnished House
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Landlord, for and taking into account the above agreements that must be held and executed by the taker, rents the premises in the city of County and the state of `in the city` on the B. All rates, taxes, expenses, gutters and expenses that must be taxed on the state, billed or paid to the state now or after the fact. Municipal Corporation …… local authority or otherwise, as a result of the building or part of it; 30. The lessor and the tenant agree that this tenancy agreement, if completed and signed, is a binding legal obligation. 1. In accordance with this agreement and taking into account the rent booked and the conditions, agreements and agreements of the tenant that are included and on the part of the tenant who is part of it and is implemented, the landlord surprises the tenant with all the costs that the house furnished with the No…. Street……. City, written in the first calendar below with features, fittings and applications with the furniture and effects mentioned in Second Schedule, in the same way to the tenant for a term of …. years from the 1st day of …, 2000, but subject to the previous destination of this shipwreck, as made available below and for this during the specified duration the monthly rent of Rs. …. free and free of all deductions in advance on or before the 5th day of each calendar month, the first of this monthly rent will be the 5th day of the … and pay the next one regularly on or before the 5th day of each following month.

14. If premises are rendered inaccessible by fire or other victims, the landlord may terminate the lease or repair premises within 30 days and, if not, or if premises are destroyed by fire, ends and determines the resulting clause. 11. The tenant repairs or reimburses, at the tenant`s expense, any loss or damage to any of the furniture, carpets, curtains, appliances and other household items listed, as well as the personal belongings of the owner, if such damage or loss is due to the abuse, waste or negligence of that establishment and the personal belongings of the owner. 2. The Tenant has checked and is aware of the condition of the premises and has received it in good condition and in the same repair, unless otherwise stated, and no assurance has been given as to the condition or repair of the premises by the owner before or during the execution of this lease, which have not been expressed or approved; and at the end of this tenancy agreement, the landlord`s premises in a condition as good as at the same entrance by the tenants, ordinary wear and tear and loss due to fire will only be exempted. 5. The tenant must pay for all electricity, water, fuel and gas during the term of the tenancy agreement and for each renewal or renewal of the lease. 15. The lessor undertakes that the tenant and the tenant`s family will own, maintain and profit from the premises rented during the term of the tenancy agreement, under the terms of the lease.

Special clause. – The tenant hereby confirms the receipt of all the premises described above, as indicated on the back, and agrees to deliver the property of the latter in good condition to the owner (except normal wear).

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