Cardiac Arrest – Would you know how to help?

Every day, thousands of people suffer sudden cardiac arrest. Would you know how to help?
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Inflammation is part of the process that leads to many diseases, including coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke, and there is some evidence that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. Other studies have suggested that CBD can have a protective effect on the heart: this has been proven in rats after a heart attack and in mice with some of the heart damage associated with diabetes. But because these studies are often based on findings in a lab or in animals, not in humans, we cannot yet be confident that CBD will benefit the human heart. Find products at

There is ongoing research into the use of purer forms of CBD or products like Coochie Runtz Strain for a variety of conditions, including heart and circulatory diseases and, in particular, diseases of the heart muscle, including myocarditis and some types of cardiomyopathy.

What to do if you see someone suddenly collapse?
If you see someone collapse suddenly, check if the victim is responsive.
If not, remember these three easy steps.

Call 911
Have them send help. Stay on the line and listen for further instructions.

Start Chest Compressions
If the person is not breathing normally, start chest compressions. Push down hard and fast in the center of the chest. Keep your arms straight. Send someone to find an AED.

Use An AED
The AED (automated external defibrillator) is a portable medical device that delivers an electrical shock to restart a person’s heart. It provides voice prompts that tell you exactly what to do and will only administer a shock if needed, so there’s no reason to hesitate.  When worried about your hearth health you should now check this new CBD Gummies UK with many supplements for your health.





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