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Whether you want to serve as a firefighter or support personnel, we need your help! From sixteen to senior citizen, you can make an impact on your community.

General Membership Benefits:

  • Whitehall Fire provides an incredible atmosphere with state-of-the-art apparatus and equipment and the benefits that come with being part of the Whitehall team.
  • Free Training: Hands on training at no cost gaining valuable experience in emergency services – You will be schooled in fire and emergency medical using the most advanced hands-on techniques. Many of these required classes are transferable for college credits towards a degree through the SUNY-Empire State College.
  • Receive money for college tuition: Under recently passed legislation, college age students are eligible for up to $3500 towards college tuition if confirmed as an active volunteer in the fire department.
  • Team: A great sense of community and serving a good cause
  • Incentives: Free uniforms, gym membership discounts, NYS Tax Incentive of $200
  • Leadership: Opportunities for advancement and responsibility on both the operational and administrative side of the Whitehall Fire.
  • Family: Comradery and lifelong friendships – Make friends you will keep for life.
  • Fitness: Fitness equipment use including treadmill and weight center at firehouse gym
  • Future/Career advancement: Many employers hire from the volunteer service. Looks great on resumes.
  • Organizations: Join local & national fraternal and firematic organizations.

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Application for Membership (Use Legal Paper to print out – two sides)

Online Application for Membership

Specific Member Benefits

Programs & Benefits
As an active member of the Whitehall Volunteer Fire Company Inc., you are entitled to a number of benefits. Some of these benefits are required by law and others are offered for the general welfare and protection of the firefighting force. In either case, it is the intention of the fire company to afford its fire fighters the best possible benefits and protection package available.

The information contained herein is a brief summary of the programs in effect. Should you or your family want or need additional information, please contact a Fire company member or an officer at your convenience, or stop by the fire station any Tuesday night.

The following information, relative to programs and benefits, pertains to only those firefighters carried as active firefighters by the Whitehall Volunteer Fire Company Inc., unless otherwise noted.

1. Volunteer Firefighters Benefit Law (VFBL)
All active volunteer members serving the Whitehall Volunteer Fire Company Inc., at no cost to the member, are eligible for weekly cash payments, medical and/or hospital care furnished during periods of disability resulting from injury “in the line of duty.” In the case of death from such injury, weekly cash payments to surviving dependents will be made. Amounts of these payments are based on the individual and circumstances. For additional information, please consult the VFBL handout available, or contact the Deputy Chief.

2. Credit Union
All members are eligible to join the Great Meadow Federal Credit Union.


3. Self Improvement Training
Firefighters who wish to enroll in classes, courses, lectures, programs and other training that are fire or emergency service related. Permission for such expenditures must be granted prior to enrollment and are totally at the discretion of the fire officers. See the Fire Chief for additional information.

4. Physical Fitness Development
The Whitehall Volunteer Fire Company Inc maintains a weight room and gym for all active members. The Fire Company recommends regular physical activity and training, especially cardiovascular training. The Fire Company recommends that the member consult his/her physician prior to beginning a physical training program.

Whitehall Athletic Club offers discount Gym Memberships to all firefighters, as well as discounts to all sporting events.

5. Physical Examination
Firefighters may be required to submit to, based on classification, an annual physical examinations by the Fire company Medical Provider. These physical examinations will include all of the OSHA required testing for the firefighter’s age and physical coordination. The member is encouraged to request the various optional tests that may be offered.

6. Recreational/Social Events
The Whitehall Volunteer Fire Company Inc may hold events associated with firematics, which are in the best interest of firefighters and the residents of the Village and Town of Whitehall. These may include Annual Installation of Officers banquet, picnics, parades or other outings for the enjoyment if the membership. These events are not funded by taxpayers and are paid for Foreign Fire Tax money administered by New York State.

7.  Tax Rebate
New York State Tax Rebate of $200 per year, is $200 right in your pocket just for being a member!



Whitehall Volunteer Fire Company 

Engine Company: Their job is ultimately to extinguish the fire. The Engine Company will connect to a hydrant, stretch hose line, and attack the fire. Aside from fire calls, Engine Company also respond to auto accidents, fuel spills, wires downs, Propane gas emergencies.

Ladder Company: Their job at a fire is to search and rescue for any persons trapped; confining the fire; forcing doors to assist the Engine in getting to the fire room; as well as opening the roof, and/or windows to vent and remove heat for the inside teams, while controlling fire spread. The Ladder Company may be called upon for auto accidents, as well as wires down, Carbon Monoxide (CO) emergencies, Propane gas emergencies.

First Response: Their job is to treat patients on the scene and ready them for transport to the hospital. In addition to medical emergencies, they will also respond to auto accidents and fires.