Services Provided


Fire Operations Division
Fire Suppression Structure Fires.                                         Chimney Fires.                                             Vehicle Fires.                                     Brush/Grass Fires.                                   Rubbish Fires
Motor Vehicle Accidents Vehicle Stabilization.                                 Vehicle Extrication.                                 Roadside Washdown
Alarm ActivationResponse Smoke Detectors.                                        Carbon Monoxide Detectors.                         Fire Alarm Systems
Technical Rescue Team Ice/Cold Water Rescue

Wildland Search

RescueLow Angle Rescue

Confined Space Rescue (future)

Rapid Intervention Team (future)

Fire Investigation Whitehall Fire.                                     Washington County.                                        NYS Office of Fire Prevention & Control
Hazardous Materials Whitehall Fire.                                    Washington County Hazmat Team
Service Calls Propane Gas Leaks
Downed Power Lines
Emergency Pump-Outs





Special Operations Division
Fire Education Unit.                                                         – School Programs.                                                          – Senior Citizens.                                                              – Public and Private Organizations.                            – Firefighter Training.                                                     – Home Fire Inspections
Fire Police – Fire Scene Security
 Emergency Medical Services                             – First Response Care- Lifting Assistance

Fire Operations Division

Our fire district contains approximately 3900 homes, apartment complexes, small businesses, a High School and an  elementary school. One third of the of the fire district is within the village corporation line with fire hydrants, while the other two-thirds is rural without fire hydrants.

Fire Suppression

We respond to structure fires throughout the fire district. We use our Engine-Rescue (ER), two  Engine-Tankers (ETA), and a Aerial Ladder truck for fire suppression of structures and chimney fires. In the village. we attach to a fire hydrant for a water source. In the town, we use fire ponds and/or a portable tank carried on all our trucks. The portable tank is setup for rural fires next to the attack Engine. Our fire trucks and possibly other mutual aided fire trucks dump their water tanks into the portable tank to supply water at the scene of a fire. All our trucks are equipped with Large Diameter Hose (LDH) to lay in supply lines from hydrants or other water sources.

For Vehicle fires we use the water carried on the attacking engine. Typical vehicle fire response would include one engine-rescue (ER), an Engine Tanker (ETA) if needed.

When dealing with Brush Fires we use our 2011 Polaris Ranger 6-wheel drive brush truck. This truck carries 70 gallons of water and 5 gallons of Class A foam. Our Special Operations trailer contains the Polaris Ranger, shovels, rakes, and portable backpack water tanks for firefighters as well as portable pumps, generators. The 6-wheel drive Polaris Ranger may be supplied with water at the fire scene from one of our engines.

Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA’s)

We use hand and hydraulic tools found on our Engine-Rescue to perform vehicle extrication at motor vehicle accidents. Cribbing (blocks of wood) are used to stabilize the vehicle. We carry a set of hydraulic spreaders used to open doors, hoods, and trunks.

We use a hydraulic cutter for cutting the door posts on vehicles. We also carry a set of rescue jack system including inflatable Air Bags. These are used to lift and stabilize vehicles or other heavy objects. Typical response would include an Engine Rescue and our First Response (FR) truck.

Fire Alarm Activations

We respond to fire alarm activations at homes and businesses. Investigation into the cause of the alarm is carried out in cases where there is no fire condition found.

We respond to Carbon Monoxide Detector Activations. We have a Carbon Monoxide metering device on our Engine Rescue. Residents may experience flu-like symptoms. Firefighters wear self-contained breathing apparatus when levels reach above 100 parts per million (PPM) and then enter the location to obtain additional meter readings. The readings are recorded and the heating fuel service provider is contacted to respond to the building for further evaluation if necessary. Individuals needing medical assistance due to a CO problem are given treatment until the ambulance arrives.

Fire Investigation

We have four investigators within our own fire company. Outside assistance is received from the Washington County Fire Investigators and NY State Office of Fire Protection & Control.

Technical Rescue Team

Ice/Cold Water Rescue

The Fire District Lake Champlain and the Champlain Barge Canal.  We respond to situations where someone has fallen through the ice or into the water. Currently we have eight Ice/Cold Water Rescue immersion suits. The suits are made of Neoprene and provide buoyancy in the water and insulation from the cold.

There are several ways in which a victim is reached that has fallen through the ice. A ladder can be extended across the ice for the victim to grab or to distribute the weight of the rescuer that will rescue the victim.

A rope bag can be thrown to the victim and then the person can be pulled from the water. Using the Ice Rescue suits a rescuer is sent out onto the ice or into the water to rescue the individual needing assistance. A rescue boat is available to bring firefighters to victims that are well off shore.

Search and Rescue

Some of our members have received training by the Department of Environmental Conservation in Search and Rescue Techniques. They are called in to search forests and other areas for lost individuals. They use a variety of search techniques and work closely with a New York State Forest Ranger on searches.

Low Angle Rescue

Many of our members are trained in rope rescue and retrieval systems for low angle rescue. Necessary specialized equipment is carried on the First Response (FR) truck. This includes back boards, AED, immobilization collars, stokes stretchers, rescue rope w/mechanical advantage systems,  and an all-gas meter.

Confined Space Rescue

Some of our members are trained in Confined Space Rescue.  In the future we hope to acquire a rescue tripod, and an air purging ventilation blower.

Hazardous Materials

Our members are trained to a minimum level of Hazardous Materials Awareness. A majority of our membership have received and maintain Hazardous Materials Operations Level training. We work with the Washington County Hazardous Material team.

Service Calls

We respond to reports of propane gas leaks. We evaluate the situation with an explosion meter. If a gas leak is found then any individuals in immediate danger are evacuated from the area.

We respond to downed power lines on the road. The area around the power line is blocked off and the power company is notified to respond. Once the appropriate representative from the power company has arrived the scene is turned over to them.

We also respond to cases of flooding – where basements are extremely flooded and are endangering utilities, we set up portable pumps to remove the water. This is done to prevent problems associated with gas leaks from the pilot lights going out on the furnace or hot water heater; or excessive ground water from entering the sanitary sewer system.

Special Operations Division

Fire Education Unit

We provide firefighter education through local training in house, state fire outreach courses and NY state and national fire academies.

Each year during National Fire Prevention week  our members coordinate and participate in a joint teaching effort of Fire Prevention to the children in the Whitehall Central School District and Head Start.

Pre-School, Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students are introduced to a friendly firefighter and are taught not to play with matches, stop drop and roll if clothing is on fire, crawl low and go, and how to call 911 in an emergency.

We provide adult fire education to organizations and senior citizen groups.

We will provide fire inspections

See our educational links page.

Emergency Medical Services

Some of our members are Certified New York State First Responders and Emergency Medical Technicians. Whitehall First Response is dispatched for emergency medical assistance with the Skenesborough Emergency Squad to provide emergency medical services to the community. We have a four defibrillation devices in service for use when a patient has collapsed and requires CPR and heart defibrillation.

Fire Police

Fire Police provide security for firefighters and the public. They provide traffic control at incidents and other times at the request of state and local law enforcement.